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A Full Scope

Chief Investment Officer



Holt CIO serves as Chief Investment Officer for families and charitable organizations.

Holt CIO strives to be an integral and
trusted CIO for multi-asset class, multi-manager investment portfolios with assets between $50 million and $250 million, whether in a fully discretionary or advisory capacity.

We fulfill all the responsibilities of an in-house CIO while bringing the stability of
an established firm including relationships with high-performing investment managers, analytical resources, and operational infrastructure.

Holt CIO provides full scope CIO capabilities.
We perform analysis of a client’s existing investments including diversification, tax efficiency, fees and expenses, income, and liquidity. We guide clients in investment
policy development. We provide complete on-going management including asset allocation, portfolio construction, manager selection
and oversight, as well as investment performance review and analysis.


What Makes Our Firm Unique

We believe our firm is differentiated from many “Outsourced CIO” providers and is best suited for families and charitable organizations with a preference for:

Your CIO

The comfort of a direct relationship with the senior partners who will be making all investment decisions and recommendations.

"been there,

done that"

Co-CIOs with over 70 years of investment and capital markets experience across a range of markets and responsibilities.

Long Term


A belief that long-term ownership of businesses provides the best means of compounding real (after
inflation, after-tax) wealth over time.


Guiding Values

Fiduciary Responsibility

We are fiduciaries, always putting clients’ interests before our own. Holt Capital Partners is an SEC-registered investment advisor. All our employees must affirm annually to abide by our Code of Ethics, with internal policies and procedures that monitor compliance. Most importantly, we foster a culture of doing the right thing for clients, every time, all the time.


We strive to build a genuine partnership with our clients. Partners work directly with clients including direct responsibility for all investment advice and decisions. We will never delegate the relationship to a client manager or investment decisions to an analyst. We are committed to building a limited number of long-term relationships. We know that every client situation is unique, and we do not offer cookie-cutter solutions. The essence of being a CIO is bringing our expertise to building an investment portfolio that is right for achieving your goals.


We maintain complete independence. Foremost, independence means no conflicts of interest. We never sell investment products of any kind. Nor will we recommend internal strategies, as that may inhibit unbiased evaluation of third-party managers. The firm is 100% owned by the principals and, therefore, free of third-party pressures and agendas. Our objective is a firm structure and culture that supports making the best investment decisions solely in the interest of the client.


We communicate with candor. The investment industry is filled with jargon that is often used to obfuscate or distract from what is truly important. We strive to be direct and insightful, providing education when useful, with unequivocal guidance about needed actions.


We charge fair and transparent fees. Our firm's only revenue comes directly from our clients, contractually agreed upon upfront and clearly invoiced. We do not accept commissions, fee sharing, or any other form of payments from investment managers or service providers.


Investment Philosophy

Growing Wealth

Investment portfolios should be constructed to prudently maximize after-fee, after-tax cumulative returns over the long-term.

Equity Ownership

Long-term ownership of shares in businesses provides the best prospect for superior long-term returns. 

Long Term

Having a long-term perspective provides the grounding to capture opportunities and avoid fear-driven mistakes.


Asset Allocation

Asset allocation should be determined by long-term objectives, near-term liquidity needs, and staying the course in difficult markets.


Value is the single best determinate of long-term returns, with value being an attractive price paid for expected future cash flows.


Diversification is critical because multiple independent drivers of success reduce risk and increase long-term return certainty.

Tax & Fee Efficiency

Taxes and fees erode investment returns and both should be minimized.

Active Management

“Alpha” opportunities are attainable and worth pursuing but are difficult to achieve and require discernment.

Passive Management

Well-structured passive strategies can provide high performing exposure to efficient asset classes.

Manager Selection

We approach investment managers with hard-earned skepticism. Most managers do not outperform passive alternatives despite complexity and illiquidity. But we do believe select managers can add significant value and that they are identifiable based on certain consistent characteristics.

What Makes A Great Investment Manager?

Holt CIO Puzzle_v5_edited.png

We identify talented managers through our extensive industry relationships and our targeted interest in specific investment themes and opportunities. We do not believe screening large manager databases is a useful process for selecting managers. Our relationship-driven manager search process is designed to identify boutique firms

with a culture rooted in investment excellence as opposed to asset gathering.

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